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Utility Flares

PEI designs and manufactures Utility Flare Systems and stand-alone Utility Flares with up to 100:1 turndown (absolute minimum of 10 SCFM) for optimum utilization with landfill or digester biogas destruction requirements. PEI Utility flares provide excellence in high efficiency combustion and odor control applications.

PEI Utility Flares meet or exceed all known, current air quality regulatory management agency requirements for non-verifiable, high efficiency combustion devices.

These combustion devices allow the operator the ability to control both the fuel gas nozzle and the combustion air entrance louvers while the systems are in operation.

Utility Flares are currently employed as remediation devices where air quality regulations do not require "in field" verification of either emissions or reduction / destruction efficiencies. PEI Utility Flares are designed and manufactured in compliance with EPA's CFR 40, Section 60.18 requirements.

A description of the theoretical by-products of combustion & destruction efficiency

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