Landfill Gas To Energy (LFGTE) Applications

PEI designs and manufactures Biogas Processing Systems (Compressor Skids, Blower Skids, Chiller Skids) to extract / receive waste gases from landfills, digesters, and other sources. Systems are designed and manufactured to condition and treat biogas per end user requirements.


Utility Flare and Landfill Gas Flare Applications

PEI designs and manufactures Utility Flares (Landfill Flares, Methane Flares, Process Flares) with up to 100:1 turndown for optimum utilization with landfill or digester biogas destruction requirements. PEI Utility flares provide excellence in high efficiency combustion and odor control applications.


Ultra-Low NOx Flares

Several years ago, Perennial Energy was receiving requests from several air quality management agencies and major engineering firms, asking for some insight and assistance as to how to best improve or drive down their state and county emission levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx).